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The Responsibility of Tomorrow…

There are many books and people that push to be in the present moment. This must not be taken out of context, as every decision and action and thought we have must live in balance across the spectrum, from the present and micro, to the future and macro.

We are taught that taking care of our responsibilities takes work and effort and pain. I assure you, by not taking care of our responsibilities, life becomes much harder and much more painful that it could ever be, by not taking care of responsibilities at all. An easy example of this is in the kitchen sink…if we do not do the dishes, and let the pile of dirty dishes grow…not only does food get caked on making it harder to clean off…but bacteria grow in our sinks and maybe could cause a much worse health issue.

None of what needs to be considered or done, exists in a small place alone, or a big place alone…sometimes even our own honor may suffer short term, to accomplish what is honorable at a big picture macro level…


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