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Come Strong or Don’t Come at All…

In anything we do, or we want to do, or we wish to create…we must take action to create action. We have all been there…on the cusp of something fantastic or horrifying, and when it’s time to take action…we hesitate. Sometimes we procrastinate so this ‘time to take action’ is delayed and then we don’t have be confronted with that final moment at all…

Wether this is related to going on that first date, or seeing a family member of a bad relationship for the first time in years, or having to do laundry, or needing to take a test, or needing to give a public speech, or it’s time move in with a Love after years of avoiding the commitment, or we need to make that dreaded doctors appointment…or we are have to offer a deserved apology…we must prepare the best we can, and we take that leap. There are so many examples of times like these, both big and small, and they appear several times a day…If we don’t take the proverbial leap forward, we will only ever be standing where we are, or be falling behind.

We must believe in ourselves, and this confidence will come much easier when we believe in what we wish to create and are moving forward…


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