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UlovemeloveU is founded on an intention that anyone can change the world, one person at a time. We all see and experience so much negative each day, and are so busy it is difficult to explore how to become part of a positive change, much less act to create that positive change. UlovemeloveU cracks the window, to allow a little more light in for each of us, everyday...Share It. Live It.


Average Guy

I am just an average guy, working as a full time single parent, who has seen so much of the light and dark in life. UlovemeloveU was originally designed to help me focus on positive, in a life that has its days where the sun isn't always brightest.  If I can do it, I can share it, and anyone can do it.

Facebook Hack

Right now, and nearly two years later, FB shows a message at login, that it takes just over a day to review...

UlovemeloveU started as a community page on Facebook. In early 2020, my page was hacked, along with my personal account. It was reported, and Facebook disallowed login to my account. While Facebook had control and said they were investigating a complaint, someone took over UlovemeloveU. When you search for UlovemeloveU on FB, a page called Square Feed comes up, and on the about tab, it shows they started UlovemeloveU. They had all of my followers, and deleted my old posts. They are apparently two people I do not know in Germany, and have mismanaged and posted items not born of the UlovemeloveU intention. Facebook, today and since May 2020, shows a message that they are reviewing my account, and it should only take a day...about two years later, and an inability to contact Facebook, and their lack of customer support, a page of good intention is muted during a time of global diversity...when UlovemeloveU is needed was launched, February 14th, 2022. 

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