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The Apology Void

Most everyone has known one or few people that somehow cannot apologize, and they will go to any extreme to avoid having to apologize. Instead of offering a simple and sincere apology, they distract from the issue, justify, ignore, mock, or blame. The absolute worst is when you apologize and they use it as a power play against you, as if you are weak for apologizing. Don’t fret…it isn’t you. Not at all.

Those people are truly the ‘sorriest’. They are disabled as they lack empathy and connection. It is absolutely toxic to have them in your life, but love yourself and realize their issue is defined in basic psychology.

Usually the ‘sorriest’ person is of the narcissistic type and completely void of empathy. It otherwise may be that they can not allow themselves to feel they are wrong, at any cost, as a result of low of self confidence. If this person apologized, they would feel they have no value to you or ‘the world’, if they are every wrong. They carry a talent to believe their own falsehoods while mastering the diabolical weapon of gaslighting.

If you are one that has the ability to apologize, you have empathy and can care and have introspect. When this person gaslights, it is likely easy for you to question and blame yourself. This results in you feeling anxiety and/or guilt, or maybe your self image is tarnished. That ‘sorriest’ person may gaslight, and blame, but you need to sincerely believe that it isn’t your fault. Own it. Wield that skill you have of being able to apologize with pride, as it is a beautiful human part as it exists in the word humane…it is empathy. Feel sorry for that person who must feel so alone…the ‘sorriest’ person that cannot apologize.


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