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Know You May Not Know…

Considering the existing world conflict, I wanted to quote one of our Founding Fathers… This idea was shared and concluded by the top minds of our human existence…Einstein, N Tesla, Hawking…the idea that when tou think you something in absolute…anything…let it be a flag that you likely don’t know… this should trigger one to explore more…all sides of anything, to learn more. The division in our country today even…people shouting things off they think they ‘know’ but truly haven’t explored it and only listened to others…which then causes dispute and division. Even considering Free Speech- two sides…when a country uses it as a military attack strategy and the information is false- is that ok? Can someone stand outside of your home with a sign saying something horrible about you or your family? May this idea allow you to open your mind and explore all sides of any issue, vs grab the low hanging fruit of ‘said truth’, so we all may learn and be less ignorant…Is it possible to know? Yes. I know this is my last sentence in this post.


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