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Do Not Underestimate Me

Do not underestimate yourself…Do not allow anyone to underestimate you…Do not underestimate anyone else…

The self destructive underestimation of what you are capable of doing, what you are capable of inspiring, what you are capable of learning, or what you are capable of achieving…will always only be, your own glass ceiling. This applies when others do it to you, and you accept it…and when you do it to others, and they accept it.

The idea of ‘believing in yourself‘ does not have to be the shallow minded cliche that implies that you must do something or overcome something so to believe in yourself… ‘Believing in yourself’ can also be so needlepoint simple; disallow yourself to think thoughts that something is too difficult or unattainable.…‘Believing in yourself‘ as simple as not having to do something…not having to convince yourself that you are not capable…

My late uncle instilled an idea within me at a very young age and that has opened my mind throughout my life. I have the confidence to approach anything without hesitation, or negative thoughts. The idea that outside of raw talent, there is nothing that anyone else can do, that you cannot do yourself. You can do anything anyone else can, nearly as well, even better, or in a way that is totally innovative and unique …

- Sean Michtavy


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