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Battles within…

Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet and Philosopher...some that existed during his time, and beyond, have called him a mystic. His work was originally written in Persian…translated even still today. His work is absolutely, and by far, the most beautiful coordination and balance of simplicity and profound depth I have ever read.

What is fantastically confusing and wildly miraculous is that he lived the years of 1207 to 1273…have humans evolved? Or is it only that human technology has evolved? Do humans truly benefit within from this technology? Do we lose all the wisdom we gain as each generation fades into the next? Are we guilty of projecting our internal issues into our teachings to our children, so they learn to carry the same issues generationally?

Today, we see quotes on how to be kind to others as each of us is having our own conflict…that is no different than Rumi’s quote shared here… I think so much conflict in the world at both the micro and macro level, occurs as a result of our own internal adversity being shared and projected beyond our own introspect…sometimes sharing isn’t caring…


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