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The Enormous Little Things…

You often hear about mindfulness being a key to happiness, as it brings one out of thought, and into the present. It allows one to appreciate and have gratitude for the little things, through awareness. The beauty in the little things is too often left unnoticed in a fog of thought or tasks or stress…

To take this a step deeper, and without a political intent whatsoever, remember, it’s only to inspire thought…Consider a 10 gallon fish tank, or even a goldfish bowl… So simple, and we give this as a gift to children etc…If you aren’t aware of what I am about to say, please take a minute to research this, as the depth is profound…Now, what happens when you put too many fish in a fish tank?

A 10 gallon tank with a biological filter should have, at max, of 1 inch of fish per gallon…so let’s say ten, 1 inch fish… The depth is realizing what happens when you put more fish than the max…Let’s say twenty inches of fish in a ten gallon tank… Each fish create waste, and you know if you have a crowded tank such as in this example, there are very negative consequences… Fish will begin to get sick with disease…then start to die off. The Nitrogen in the water from the waste makes the water unlivable.

Now think about our planet…an enclosed biological filtration system and balance…where fish produce much less waste per life than humans… too much waste makes out planet unlivable. How air is very similar to water, and an enclosed natural living environment of a fish tank is very much like our planet. If humans overcrowd, with waste or pollution, what may happen?

Again and sincerely, this is not meant to be political...I am not implying a timeline, or the variables of waste per capita vs air etc…this is only meant to help one see the complexity buries in simplicity…


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