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Imperfect Perfection

When you look at the world, perfection only exists as many imperfections. In nature, Lions attack the weaker animal. As an empath, would have one feeling bad and that it is imperfect. Socially, we all drive to be this version of ‘perfect’ that is false…everyone things this vision is a utopia of perfection, but it is not.

In life, we are most drawn to art that is a physical interpretation…that is not a perfect representation of something. We see that balance of all light and dark is what makes perfection.

Balance is seen in everything…electricity has positive and negative, light and dark, heat and cold…This balance is key, as this idea should not exist an excuse to allow for ‘less’…we all be ambitious to see things as better or work to make things better, without giving too much strength to small failures of imperfections.

In English…too much of anything repeatedly proves in itself to be a bad thing…


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